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Tokyo ghoul. Fuck

Yep were fuck

FreeI’m safe

Does this mean I can be a sailor scout???

JoJo’s, I’m unsure if that’s good or bad, but let there be posing.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Awesome, does this mean I get to do alchemy? :3

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.lol I am so fucked.

I’m 7 episodes into Layzner, and from those episodes I can safely say I’m totally fucked

I’m very afraid.

Mobile Suit Gundam. I am very likely fucked unless I suddenly am a newtype.

Digimon Adventure… Season 1… So all the Black Gears. Hm, I’m not sure.

Amnesia… Wait! There are multiple worlds in there! Which one?!
I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.

Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested.

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Answering saki-s question on Ask, I’ll do it here, since my answer turned out to be rather long and we already know how Tumblr Ask likes to be a bully. Well, enough explanations.

Ñuuuuuuummmm, this is hard /cries/… I’ll divide it on ‘Anime’, ‘Cartoon’ and ‘Misc.’, since I had trouble deciding.

Anime- It may seem like my favorite character is Okita Souji. but it is really PoT Marui Bunta. I love the way he is, his bubble gum addiction, his tennis skills (he deserves more recognition!!!). I was initially a big fan of Gakuto, but then I watched Tenimyu Seigaku vs Rikkai, and thanks to JP’s performance, I fell in love with Marui. I especially love his hair color and, I dunno, overall how the chara is written. 


I also love Blood+ Otonashi Saya! She is my ultimate female badass character!! Being incapable of dying, being used as a weapon, seeing how everyone you love dies around you, unable to live your live normally… But still, all that brought at the end a very well done character development. Even at the worst, she managed to find her strength (with Haji’s support), deciding that, for the sake of her loved ones, a sacrifice had to be done. She is a nicely done character, believable, once again, a female badass… I only didn’t like her ending, but what can I do /sigh/ IseriosulywantedhertoremainawakeandmarryHajiandhavebeautifulhybridbabies

Cartoon- DEADPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! That guy is simply…bizarre. I was first introduced to the character via the videogame. I had no idea who he was, Then I started researching the character more and more. The comic, TV show appearances, the wikia, all resoruces I could get a hold onto. I especially love how he constantly breaks the 4th Wall, and SpideyxDeadpool ship. Sarcastic, ironic, drunkard, to be a vigilante, he is certainly awesome (not a big fan of vigilantes…).

Misc.-Isaac Clarke from Dead Space. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! HOW AWESOME IS HE? Here I don’t care about character development or depth in the backstory, here I care about badassery (sp). Dead Space has been my ultimate videogame since the first time I played it and, since Pulse Rifle is not a character, I’m talking about the character who maneuvers the weapon. First, to go all alone through such a horrid place as the USG Ishimura and not chickening out and commiting suicide at the first moment, that is tough, man! If it was me, ‘bye bye world’ at the first Necromorph appearance. If I had to choose being a character for a day, I would probably say Isaac Clarke… putting mental instability aside.  

It became a small essay. Sorry for not going much on depth, I tried to avoid spoiling stuff (since… I tend to do that… quite often…). Thanks for asking and feel free to leave more stuff on my Ask, that gives me the ‘happies’! : )

Miyazaki Shuuto works masterpost (by request)

If a translation is incorrect or there was something missing, let me know (Consider this is only for Butai/Musical. No TV shows or CM’s included).
In January 2015 I’ll make an updated version.
Also, If there’s another actor you have interest on having his works all listed (just for reference ^^), send me an Ask. 
Oh, and for those interested, I’ll be opening an ‘Ask Shuuto’ blog, so, if you want to send any questions or have any weird Shuuto clothing request, leave them on my Ask, until I create the new blog. It takes a little to do on Illustrator (since I’m just a begginer), but it’ll be fun!
(Shuuto is not my bias, I just have fun with his mere existence, he really is AWESOME! Please give him some love and visit his blog [le awesome link], in case you haven’t —- if you have already… you already know the wackiness in there.)




i can’t believe how disgusting this is.

Infinite had to debut with this song and it took them 2 years to finally get to the top, but then Disney comes calmly and plagiarizes their song and claims it as theirs.

Did they really expect no one to notice it? or is it because they’re a Kpop group they wouldn’t be that famous to make a fuss about it?

i want EVERYONE to see this maybe this way we can get it to reach Disney and Woollim.

That is really odd. Sorry, but I don’t think that they would be stupid at the point of plagiarizing a song since that’s a crime and they could have serious problems because of that (because Violetta is a pretty famous show around the world and they could be caught).
Have you just stopped a little to think about the fact that they may have bought the melody of that song?

A fanbase confirmed that Woollim knows about it by now and that they’re investigating it.

if it were bought, they would’ve confirmed that it was sold. besides, this isn’t the first time Disney does this to Kpop groups. Suju and MBLAQ were victims of it before.