I found the best Shuuto expression EVER!!!!!


so i know daisy is typically a warm weather fragrance but


sometimes i see matsuda ryo’s face and then i have to take a break from the internet because it makes my heart constrict 


jesus fuck hirose daisuke

not only did a semi-sexual sounding sound gasp thing escape when i was watching this hakuoukimyu video i hadn’t seen before but i also thought “hot damn yes please” and more obscene things as i watched him make these facial expresions

he has ruined me

but also ryo matsuda hot damn that song just sadfhkadf fuck yes

So call me Icchan! ^ ^

does this mean what i think it means
Vampire Dai-nyan

@da_sukemaru: 今日、SHINeeのテミンさんの後輩として付き人みたいなことしてる夢をみた。起きてからもっかい寝てみた。そしたら続きが見れた。へへへ 
(t/n: Today I saw a dream in which, as a kouhai of Shinee’s Tae Min , I became his attendant. When I woke up, I tried to sleep again. And then I saw the continuation (of the dream). Hehehe.)
Look at this adowable fanboy, shinee motived shirt, shinee dream, shinee this and that. YEESH XD HALP ME I WANT TO /MOFUS/ his head, he looks like an adorable puppy there. I love that hair, black hair and so fwuffy like that /ugh my kokoro/

Chii: I’m sorrryy I’ve stopped translating. Feel free to send me kicks. (or requests) XD;;


how is any of this considered blogging