This boy is adorable beyond measure.


I just noticed that this official art is a reference to Alice in Wanderland
Neko is Alice
Shiro is the White Rabbit
Kuroh is the March Hare
Munakata is the Hatter
Mikoto is the Queen of hearts
Saruhiko is the Cheshire cat
And Yata… well i don’t understand who Yata is, but i think someone like Tweedledum and Tweedledee Anyway 
Its gorgeous


on a scale from one to Kusanagi

how weak are you

to Totsuka’s singing?


my life in one picture

Neko | K


Alright let’s see how Gaim breaks our hearts yet again in the finale.

Prayer circle everyone for Jounochi, Zach and Pierre because these beautiful mother*ers survived.

And let’s keep it that way